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We at GR8 DIVN provide you with personalized instruction, tailored around your needs and schedule, in an exciting and friendly atmosphere. We have been training GR8 Divers since 1990.

Open Water Diver

Should be Fun
Comprehensive without complication
At a pace that is comfortable for you
With a goal to make you a competent and safe diver
With many Instructors & Agencies in such a hurry to get things done right now, there are people out there trying to get as many divers certified as quickly as possible, just to be able to show numbers, as opposed to creating Scuba Divers.
We at GR8 DIVN value your time, comfort and safety above all else, resulting in Scuba Divers that have an opportunity to enjoy
an amazing lifestyle for the rest of their life.


CLASS TYPE Group Custom Semi-Private Private
Number of Students: 
Maximum 4-6     
Minimum 4
1 on 1 
Tuition: $225  
Academic Material Fee: 
$130 $130
Local Certification Dives:
$25 a day-(2 day min) $25 $25 $25
Schedule: Check Calendar Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice
 TOTAL   $405  $405  $530  $605



1. Study academic materials on line: Start your adventure today at your convenience and in the comfort of your home.  Click here and start for free. Fill out a profile and identify with GR8 DIVN, go to Scuba Diver, start the 1st three chapters, and upon completion, come into the Shop.  You will pay the academic material fee and consider a schedule. Complete the home study and start your two in-class academic reviews, and complete a final exam.

2. Complete academic reviews  and pool sessions: After your academic and equipment review sessions (2x) it’s off to the pool (open water simulator) (2x) to become comfortable and proficient with your new scuba skills and equipment under the guidance of a professional and caring internationally accredited instructor (more sessions if needed).

3. Complete open water certification dives: Lets go diving! You will join your instructor for two exciting days of scuba diving. There, you will apply all the knowledge and skills from steps 1 and 2. You can make the dives locally from shore for the $25 a day fee (2 different days; 6 dives). 1. Snorkel, Free Dive 2. Comfort Dive 3. Skills Dive 4. Deeper Dive 5. Navigation Dive 6. Breaking the  Umbilical Cord Dive with your Buddy, with the Instructor staying on shore. For an added price, there are other Certification Dives possibilities, such as Cottonwood Cove, Sand Hollow, Utah, Cabin Site, near Laughlin, Boat Dive, or Vacation referrals with GR8 DIVN or on your own trip.

Course Includes: Everything needed other than Personal Snorkeling Gear (Mask, Snorkel, Booties, Fins & Log book).
Certification dive options available, check travel tab for pricing.


Remember, even though you are certified to dive most anywhere, you are only really qualified to dive under the conditions in which you learned, for anything else it is recommended you get additional training and to keep the training updated. 



Sign up now for Class

Starting= June 2018 for the summer (Sooner if you have the kids & Pool)

Look for up-coming class dates – Or put together your own group of  4 to 6 Kids – use your pool or ours for just $400 per kid and we supply everything, Including (Grow with me program) Snorkel Gear. Just 6 – four hour Sessions of a combination of water work, classroom & refreshments, your 8 to 10 years old can SCUBA in a pool.
Then when they turn  10 year old they  can go to the open-water for 2 days – 6 Scuba dives and a test to gain their Jr. Open-water SCUBA Certification, for a small additional fee.  What a GR8 Way to get a new dive buddy.  We  have a Grow with Me program  They get quality gear, learn how to take good care of their gear and you don’t pay so much for them growing up-win/win for all.