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Freediving Courses


On Line Training
2 Class Room
2 Pool Sessions or
1 Pool & 1 Open Water Session
Max Depth 15'
Total Cost:  $250
Level 1

On Line Training
2 Class Room
2 Pool Sessions
1 Open Water Session from Lake Mead
1 Open Water Boat Session
Max Depth 30' to 60'
Total Cost:  $400
Level 2

On Line Training
2 Class Room
2 Pool Sessions
2 Open Water Sessions off a boat at Lake Mead
Max Depth 80' to 100'
Total Cost:  $500

Freediving class starting October 25th-28th.
  SPECIAL Freediving Certfication & InstructorCourses       Basic Freediving $350 -Oct. 25/26
Level 1 $650- Oct. 25/27
Level 2 - $750 - Oct. 25-28
Instructor Courses $850-$950-$1050 - Oct. 23/28      

Class Room Academics


Low volume mask, Fins, Snorkel, Wetsuit, Weight Belt, Dive Computer, Gear Bag

Valsalva Frinzel
Mask, Lung Squeeze

Mammalian dive reflex Bradycardia
The erg to breath

Practice Sessions Pool

Yoga & Stretching Out

Along with breathing exercises & relaxation
Static Breath Holds

And negative breath holds
Dynamic Swims

CO2 tables & 02 tables

The Open Water Freedive

Breath Ups & Relax Breathing

Lowering hart rate & getting the proper 02 levels built up for the dive
Duck Dive & Get Streamlined to Freefall

Skills & techniques putting it all together
How Long & How Deep Can You Go

Practicing for deferent depths & time to improve your comfort levels

Catalina Island Freediving 2018

Over Night Stay on the Sand Dollar in Avalon

All inclusive, boat, food, sleeping bunk
Instructors: Seamus Callaghan, Ron Dalke
Catalina trip are extra
Lots of Big Fish

Giant black sea bass, Calico bass, Angel sharks, Garaboli, Lobsters, Large kelp forest
Level 1 to Level 2 Freediving

Class & pool sessions prier to trip. This is a check out dive only

Freediving Catalina Island