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ReefSafe - Biodegradable Eternal Summer Aloe After Sun Moisturizer


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Eco-Friendly - Biodegradable - Dye Free Formula!

Made with Aloe Vera "L", Hawaiian Seaplant & Polynesian Coconut Water. Helps replenish, re-hydrate & re-moisturize skin cells from exposure to everyday elements such as air pollutants, sunlight, and wind as well as from salt water and chemicals found in pools & spas. When used regularly helps soothe dry chapped skin, rough elbows and knees and helps extend your tan. Makes a great year-round moisturizer. All three formulas are bio-botanical based with over 10 anti-inflammatory botanicals and anti-oxidants.

Fragrance: a light Herbal Musk. Very neutral fragrance dissipates rapidly after application.