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SeaSoft - Lemon GrenAIDE Spray 8 oz.


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Lemon GrenAIDE™ is famous for containing special enzymes that kill the bacteria that causes the nastiest of odors; but it also contains special shampoos that clean your gear AND of course, the wonderful smell of fresh lemons that it leaves behind.  Lemon GrenAIDE Spray leaves out the shampoo but includes an extra dose of our special enzymes.  

What makes Lemon GrenAIDE™ SPRAY so awesome is that it is formulated to kill bacteria while you are actually using the product.  This means you can spray Lemon GrenAIDE™ into your booties, under the arms and between the legs of your drysuit or wetsuit or other gear and KNOW that is is killing the nastiest odors while you are actually WEARING YOUR SUIT!  Then it leaves the wonderful smell of fresh lemons for you and those around you. Keep noses happy everywhere!