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Direct light where ever you need it: 
Expand your underwater camera set with one click!" - The Flex Arm allows for creative lighting, easy aiming, and reduced backscatter by positioning the flash or light farther away from the camera. Each arm has 100° bending motion and adds 7" (17.8 cm) of length. The Flex Arm quickly and easily clicks into a Flex-Connect Cold Shoe Mount (SKU: SLFFCCS), Grip (SLFFCG), Trays (SKU's: SLFFCM, SLFFCS, or SLFFCD), or Flex Arm (SLFFCA). Up to two arms can be added per side. Arm is made of fiber-reinforced polycarbonate material and stainless-steel hardware for maximum durability. 

Expand your camera set with a "click!" Quickly and easily expand your underwater camera set with Flex-Connect - add grips, Flex Arms, trays and other accessories with just a "click!" Flex-Connect allows you to transform your camera set from compact to full-featured in just seconds, providing a quick way to adjust to any dive environment.