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Imagine, you reach down, pull your light out and it is attached to a stainless-steel line which is attached to a retractor in the bottom of the pocket. You look in that coral cave or in the octopus' den and then you re-holster your light as it is magically pulled right back into the pocket. Always have a flashlight within easy reach with your SeaSoft Flashlight Pocket 

All SeaSoft Flashlight Pockets have a high tension (cable force 16 lbs./7.3 kg) steel retractor mounted behind the pocket with stainless steel cable. The cable runs thru-a-grommet that connects to a quick-release buckle with a stainless-steel split ring that then connects to your light. Most divers' wear the SeaSoft Flashlight Pocket on the webbing that fits over the cummerbund of their BC, but it can be mounted anywhere. Pocket is made from durable nylon covered plastic material. 

The SeaSoft Flashlight Pocket comes with 2" (5 cm) of overlapping Velcro fastener or you can choose to weave webbing through the 2" (5 cm) fixed slot. Instead of hanging a light from your BC or wearing a wrist lanyard why not choose the low profile, foolproof way to attach your light? Get a SeaSoft Flashlight Pocket! Your flashlight is mounted inside a SeaSoft Flashlight Pocket with a hidden stainless-steel retractor. This retractor has a quick-release buckle at the end so you can disconnect your light at any time. The SeaSoft Flashlight Pocket fits onto virtually any webbing on your BC or anywhere else you would like to carry it. Wonderful, low profile way to carry a light! The SeaSoft Flash Light Pocket with Retractor fits the SeaSoft SeaGun and Intova lights.