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ScubaPro - Everflex Long Sleve Rash Guard


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  • Scubapro Everflex 1.5mm Men's Long Sleeve Rash Guard:
  • Thermal Protection, Nothing Beats Neoprene
  • Rash Guard Keep You Warm while Providing Protection from Scrapes & Stings
  • High-Tech Materials Ideal for Tropical Diving, Snorkeling or Pool Training
  • Made w/Special Water-Repellant, High-Stretch Everflex Neoprene
  • Combination of Fleece and Plush on Inside
  • Warmth, Comfort and Lots of Range of Motion
  • Dry Quickly and Great for Layering
  • Wear w/Everflex 1.5mm Thermal Pants/Shorts (see SKU: SCPE1PM, SCPE1SM)
  • Neoprene: Lightweight, Durable, Water Repellant & Highly Efficient Insulator for Heat Retention
  • Assembled Using Solvent-Free Glue, 100% Green Process
  • Plush and Fleece Lining Reduces Water Flow & Provides Both Comfort & Extra Warmth
  • Helps Block Water Intrusion to Reduce Convection
  • Effective Insulation Under Water As-Well-As-at-Surface
  • Form-Fitting for Sleek Hydrodynamic Look and Feel
  • High-Stretch Neoprene is Easy to Don and Doff
  • Available in Multiple Sizes