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Suunto - Vyper Novo

Vyper Novo:

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 When you're ready to take diving to the next level, Suunto Vyper Novo Lite is the perfect new dive buddy to take along. Super-solid and nitrox-capable, it's packed with advanced features that open up new possibilities for exploring the depths, including optional wireless air integration, a digital compass, and gas switching. Just like you, it's ready for anything. The Vyper Novo Lite Dive Computer, by Suunto, is the next generation of wireless air integration and computer technology. It allows you to monitor your tank pressure and air consumption from your wrist or your console; you choose the location. Its 3-D compass will quickly become your new best friend; its ability to give a true reading, even at a 45ø angle, will make keeping your heading easier than ever if you use enriched air, you can program the Vyper Novo Lite for 3 gas mixtures in 1% increments for nitrox mixtures (21-99% oxygen).