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About Us

As shop owner and instructor trainer, my specialty is the person who thinks they can't learn to dive. Let me show you how to overcome those instinctive fears and help you learn to love scuba diving as I do. Scuba Instruction is my dream profession. The family that dives together has lots of GR8 recreational diving adventures. Let me help you and your family learn how to enjoy the ultimate lifetime family activity.
Originally I was signed up for a scuba diving class against my wishes as I suffered from extreme claustrophobia and I had a near drowning experience at 7 years of age, but my son and husband signed me up any way. Needless to say my beginnings in the sport proved to be a catastrophe for the first year. Then My husband sent me to Cozumel and I had a Revelations experience and fell in love with scuba diving. I went onto divemaster and then instructor, shop owner and now I’m an instructor trainer. Since I had so many problems when I started I find it helps me identify problems when others are learning and my specialty is the person who thinks they can’t do it. Let me show you how to overcome those instinctive fears and help you learn to love scuba as I do. I can’t guarantee that in 15 years you’ll own your own dive shop, but I can help you enjoy a lifetime of enjoyed shared experiences, just call when you are ready.


Upon retiring from the casino business Vicki and I bought a dive shop in Boulder City and then another in Las Vegas. I helped my wife and son become divers and have enjoyed numerous family vacations and activities throughout various tropical dive destinations. I enjoy helping people get the best for themselves,whether it be SCUBA Instruction, Dive Equipment, Adventure Dive Trips or any other services that may be needed. So come on in and sign-up for a GR8 Diving Adventure
We are a family owned business that desires to provide internationally accredited Scuba instruction, quality Scuba equipment, hassle free Travel experiences and Enjoyable activities to Our Customers. We try in everything we do to glorify God and hopefully display that a Christ Centered business operating with Honesty and Integrity can prosper.
Ron & Vicki
Diving has been my passion for over 30 years, it wasn’t until last year that I took the time to become an instructor & partner with GR8Divn in Teaching Scuba at a great & easy place to learn Scuba! My name is Greg Carter and I am the Operations Manager at Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina, in my spare time I fulfill my passion. At CottonwoodCove there is a meeting room for the class room session, a nice sandy beach & swim area for our confined area classes, & ofcourse there is the beach next door that we do our open water classes at. You can make a weekend of it or drive back & forth, as it is only a 1 hr. drive from Henderson to the “Cove”.


Hi, my name is Jason and congratulations on taking the first step to enjoying the underwater world. My goal as your instructor is to provide you with training and skills through classroom, practical exercises, and actual water time to not only make you a confidant diver ,but a competent one as well. Make sure to do your research and when you are ready to start lets get going. Like my instructor told me, “You can’t fake experience” So let’s get started!


Hi ; I’m Lee and I have been diving since 2001 and I’ve had a passion for diving since my first open water dive in Catalina. There are no words to describe the beauty and tranquility of the underwater world. I would love to share that with you. My goal and that of GR8 DIVN is to help you become a safe, comfortable, confidentandwell educated diver. Starting with yourfirstopenwater class and then onto Specialty Diver – Advanced Diver – Master Diver you are the one to set your goals and limits.

Looking forward to diving with you on this adventure of a lifetime. Lee Craver


Hi. My name is Mario Alfonsi. I am a retired fighter pilot, instructor pilot. I am currently a North Las Vegas Police Officer. My wife and I were looking for a safe enjoyable activity that we could both enjoy, scuba diving was everything we had hoped for. I found it so enjoyable that I wanted to become an instructor and help others learn exactly how safe and fun diving can be.


My name is Tom and I’m a General Contractor and Real Estate Broker, on my 10 year anniversary my wife and I  tried a resort dive in Maui and I have  been addicted ever since. I have completed all of the  dive education from open water to advanced instructor here at GR8 DIVN I’ve complemented  my  training by diving all over the Caribbean and up and down the coast of California.  I can’t wait to introduce you to the best adventure you’ll ever have or continue the education you have already started. Lets go diving.  I’m off to the Red Sea to work – ruff job but someone has to do it – I’ll be back in a year or so.


My name is Tony, and have resided in Las Vegas for over 20 years. Growing up in the suburbs of L.A. only a 1/2 hr drive from the beach, and a natural love of the water, I became a certified diver in 1975 at the age of 15. Since then, I have traveled and dived all over the world, but my first love is still California. In 2005, I retired from the casino business and decided to become an active diving instructor in order to pass on my life-long enthusiasm for SCUBA. Come and join me here at GR8 Divn for personalized instruction that will fit your schedule and needs, then, after you are certified, come an an exciting and fun trip to the beautiful Channel Islands off the coast of California with me and other GR8 Divn team members.